Students don’t always know when to get help and sometimes when they do, they don’t know where to go. The Minority-Serving Institution Student Council (MSISC) has partnered with the Academic Success Center (ASC) to promote student success by ensuring that students simply know where to go to get help. 

The ASC is a well-known resource but can sometimes be overlooked on campus. Through multiple collaborations, the MSISC hopes to better educate historically underrepresented students at UNLV on the benefits of reaching out to the ASC when they need help. These benefits can be financial, social, and, of course, academic. By passing a class the first time, students save tuition, time, and their GPA, all of which can have lasting impacts on a student’s future professional successes. The ASC offers Academic Success Coaching, Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and many other services that can make passing classes and surviving college immensely easier for all students. 

In Spring of 2022, this partnership will be largely visible as both parties collaborate to recognize successful students that have overcome adversity with the help of the ASC, in the first-ever Student Achievement Week (January 16 – 22). Such well-deserved praise will signal to other students experiencing hardship that they can find academic success through adversity for themselves on campus at UNLV. That very same week, the MSISC, ASC, and other partners such as the Intersection and Lied Library, will host an Academic Resource Fair. This visualization of a student’s options for help on campus will be invaluable. The week’s focus on student achievement and corresponding resource fair will ensure that students who are inspired by their peers’ successes will be able to find their own. 

The ultimate goal for the ASC and the MSISC in this partnership is to help the students of UNLV, no matter their background, succeed academically. With the help of the MSISC and the ASC, these students will know where to go.