By: MSI Student Council Member, Naoka Foreman

It’s spooky season and MSISC is showing the newly recognized cult-classic, HOCUS POCUS, for a throwback movie night at UNLV on the SWRC Lawn. 

Millennials, zillennials, and anyone else who grew up watching Hocus Pocus might find it surprising that the film was actually a flop in regards to its original earnings in 1993. However, last year Fandango reported that the film was the number one Halloween movie streamed for five years straight. The main cause — those kids who grew up on Hocus Pocus are now introducing the film to their children, engaging in “generational nostalgia.” Sure you recall a movie that your parent(s) or an older relative/loved one encouraged you to watch from their childhood. In these passed down moments of nostalgia, or bittersweet longings for past moments or spaces, we are connecting with each other through culture.

On October 27th, join MSI on a nostalgic trip back to the 90s for one of the number one Halloween movies! This Disney film stars Sarah Jessica Parker from HBO’s Sex in the City who plays a silly witch, alongside Betty Midler and Kathy Najimy. The three witches are accidentally brought back from the afterlife when a virgin teenage boy lights the black flame candle. Writers said the film offered a real movie for kids during the controversial and heavily politicized 90s.

Bring a blanket and some friends and join MSI this Wednesday night for an outdoor screening of the nation’s number one streamed Halloween movie of our generation. Hot chocolate, food, and snacks will be served. All treats – no tricks! The show starts at 6:15 pm. Have a spooktacular time and see you there!

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