The Minority Serving- Institution Student Council (MSISC) kicked off the semester by holding their 2021 in-person fall retreat on Saturday, August 21st.  The learning outcomes for the retreat were:

Strengthen commitments and connections to council and fellow council members through participating in get-to-know-you and team-building activities

Explain foundational knowledge (i.e., history, purpose) about Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs), particularly about the dual MSI designations

Demonstrate confidence in their roles as MSISC members through engaging in reflections around what successful advocacy or organizing looks like

Develop their skills in order to support their member-led initiatives and general MSISC programs through engaging Read More


On September 24, 2021, President Keith E. Whitfield will host an MSI Student Success Summit for the campus community in the Student Union.

Whitfield will kick off the summit, sharing his vision for student success at UNLV, and the university’s role and responsibilities as a Minority-Serving, Hispanic-Serving and Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving institution.

The summit will be open to all faculty, staff, and students. The summit will include plenary sessions by UNLV experts on equity and inclusion, exploring:

  • What MSI means for UNLV
  • Best practices in educational equity

The day’s events also will include a poster session, … Read More