The Minority-Serving Institutions Student Council (MSISC) wishes to announce there are funds available to support events, programs, and initiatives for UNLV departments and registered student organizations through its Campus Disbursement Fund.

The mission of the MSISC is to design, construct, and maintain institutional support systems to promote educational success for students of color and other
underrepresented students in higher education. The MSISC Campus Disbursement Fund is one avenue that is available to help the Council fulfill its mission.

Funding Eligibility Requirements
The MSISC will accept applications from any UNLV department and registered student organization. Each program or service model will … Read More


The Minority Serving Institution Student Council (MSISC) has partnered with KUNV, 91.5 Jazz & More and the student lead 91.5 TheRebel-HD2, to help the voices of historically underrepresented students be heard.  Ray Fletcher, a council member of the MSISC presented a proposal that was accepted to increase the number of diversity voices and programming heard over the airways. A portion of the proceeds from this partnership included new equipment that KUNV has received to help those voices be heard on campus and beyond. A new mobile broadcasting unit will be used for a variety of events the MSI task force, … Read More