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Welcome to the MSI Student Services Committee Blog. Here you will find information about the progress this committee is making toward advancing student success initiatives for campus students of color, including promoting educational equity and eliminating the achievement gap.

Purpose of the SSC:
  • To review student-facing programs, service models, and policies that have implications for equity.

  • Share best practices across campus and work with units on the refinement of existing student services and development of new ones.

    On Monday, April 5th, the MSI Student Council is happy to welcome award-winning researcher, political commentator, Dr. Wendy Osefo- as she shares her insight and knowledge with the UNLV community. The first event, A Conversation with Dr. Osefo will discuss the Impact of Federal Politics and Public Policy and is open to all students, faculty and staff at UNLV. The second event, a Master class on Power, Politics, and Policy in Education, will be limited to 50 student capacity, undergrad and graduate students are welcome. Both events will be held virtually via webex and event information can be found on … Read More


    By: MSI Student Council Members – Kristine Jan Espinoza, Ray Fletcher, & Natalie Gutierrez

    The UNLV Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Student Council has been working behind-the-scenes in preparation for the upcoming MSI Week at UNLV from March 1-5, 2021. To us, hosting MSI Week is important to really highlight UNLV’s critical role in enrolling and call-to-action to be truly serving, especially, minoritized students. There are still many on campus who do not know that UNLV is a dually-designated MSI.

    Over the past few weeks, members of the council worked together to brainstorm ways of celebrating and honoring the university’s dual Asian … Read More


    Keishmer Cardoso, a doctoral student in Public Health, is a member of the UNLV Minority Serving Institution Council. He also serves as the lead coordinator for the program “Rise to the Challenge”, aprograms initiative designed to increase minority representation in graduate education at UNLV.

    Program Goals:

    Providing application and financial assistance

    Successfully participating and completing graduate level entrance examination courses and entrance exams

    Providing effective mentoring and support services

    We hope to increase Minority student acceptance rates, increase graduate-level acceptance test scores, and provide meaningful mentoring services to bridge the gap between the student and the university.

    At … Read More


    The Minority-Serving Institutions Student Council (MSISC) wishes to announce there are funds available to support events, programs, and initiatives for UNLV departments and registered student organizations through its Campus Disbursement Fund.

    The mission of the MSISC is to design, construct, and maintain institutional support systems to promote educational success for students of color and other
    underrepresented students in higher education. The MSISC Campus Disbursement Fund is one avenue that is available to help the Council fulfill its mission.

    Funding Eligibility Requirements
    The MSISC will accept applications from any UNLV department and registered student organization. Each program or service model will … Read More