The UNLV MSI Task Force Student Services Subcommittee is excited to introduce the MSI Student Council to the UNLV community.  Over the past few months, the subcommittee has been working to get this ground-breaking initiative created and implemented to serve the community starting fall 2020.  The MSI Student Council is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and it will take important steps at ensuring that student-facing programs, service models, and policies exist to help historically underrepresented students thrive at UNLV.

Twelve nominated UNLV students were selected to serve on the council for the 2020 – 2021 school year. The council members’ classification ranges from sophomores to doctoral students.  The members will serve as student leaders and work as a team to ensure student engagement and input by discussing and resolving issues concerning academic policy, campus climate, matriculation from the University, and political education specifically for minority students – Black/American American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and LatinX students.

 For the fall 2020 semester, the council will meet every 1st Thursday of the month.  In the coming weeks and months, the council will infuse itself throughout campus via various outlets and programming activities such as social media, Homecoming, the First Generation Student, Faculty, & Staff Week, Spring Kick-off, and an MSI Week to name a few.  In addition, the council will offer resources and support to campus via sponsorships and council lead initiatives. 

To contact the council, please email