Keishmer Cardoso, a doctoral student in Public Health, is a member of the UNLV Minority Serving Institution Council. He also serves as the lead coordinator for the program “Rise to the Challenge”, aprograms initiative designed to increase minority representation in graduate education at UNLV.

Program Goals:

Providing application and financial assistance

Successfully participating and completing graduate level entrance examination courses and entrance exams

Providing effective mentoring and support services

We hope to increase Minority student acceptance rates, increase graduate-level acceptance test scores, and provide meaningful mentoring services to bridge the gap between the student and the university.

At this time, any member of the UNLV community to apply for this scholarship opportunity. If you would like more information or to apply, please visit the following links:

More information:https://sites.google.com/unlv.nevada.edu/risetothechallenge/h


*If you are an undergraduate senior or a masters’ level student in your final semesters, wishing to pursue a graduate level degree please contact, Keishmer Cardoso, directly to express your interest. 

Please help in spreading the word about this amazing opportunity.