By Keren Jean Charles, MSI Student Council Member

Homecoming is a tradition that usually symbolizes the welcoming home of former students. It is usually celebrated by some games and a series of events and festivities. This year has been a tumultuous one. We are unable to experience the energy in the stadiums. Our friends yelling in our ears. The food and drinks. The teams. The music and dancing. We can’t do that this year, but we can still see our UNLV family. The Minority Serving Institution Student Council believes that even though we may not be able to enjoy games having to do with sports, we should still be able to have fun together.

The MSISC is hosting a Trivia Night on 10/21/2020! This is an event that not only lets you see some of the UNLV family for some fun competitive games (virtually and safely), but you can also learn some facts about UNLV and the MSI council. Because this year has been tough for many of our students, we’re offering prizes in the form of checks. First place will receive a $250 check, second place will receive a $100 check, and third place will receive a $50 dollar check. The chance to win is really high! If you don’t win there are other prizes (also in the form of a check) we have lined up that can also be won (but you’ll have to come to find out about those).

The MSISC really wanted to have this event to help students in need through a fun, competitive night. Social distancing and staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and help our fellow students! RSVP through this link: https://tinyurl.com/MSITrivia and join the meeting on 10/21/2020 at 5-6pm! You’ll meet our team, play some trivia, and have a great time! We look forward to seeing you there and maybe you could win some prizes!