Ray Fletcher is a member of the inaugural Minority-Serving Institution Student Council (MSISC). During his time with the council, he partnered with the 91.5 KUNV radio station to purchase equipment that was geared toward student events. His goal was to place speakers around campus to increase the number of listeners for the KUNV radio station. Because of the equipment, KUNV was able to do advertising through the station and reach students, faculty, and staff campus-wide. In addition, KUNV is now able to do live remote broadcasts for any events involving KUNV. Having the ability to reach diverse audiences and promote … Read More

MSI WEEK – MARCH 28 – APRIL 1, 2022

UNLV hosts Minority-Serving Institution Week (MSI Week), which features a full slate of educational opportunities designed to foster conversation and celebrate the richness of UNLV’s students.

Monday, March 28th

Self- Guided Mural Walk
Location: TEC Building and Reception 2 p.m.

UNLV has five vibrant murals celebrating the university’s rich diversity and commitment to transforming public spaces into places of conversation and reflection. Since its inception, as part of the CSUN 5K Initiative project, the UNLV Mural Project has focused on empowering the UNLV community through art and collective expression. All murals are created by student or alumni artists … Read More