The SSC Committee

The Purpose:

To review student-facing programs, service models, and policies that have implications for equity.
Share best practices across campus and work with units on the refinement of existing student services and development of new ones.


Renee’ Watson (Chair), Associate Vice President/Campus Life

Harriet Barlow, Executive Director/The Intersection

LaToya Burdiss. Associate Director/Recreation Programs

Valarie Burke, Assistant Dean/Graduate College

Justin Gomez, Assistant Director/Career Services

Joanna Jezierska, Director/Multicultural Program for STEM and Health Sciences

Tricia McCrory, Executive Director/Undergraduate Advising Practice

Dionna McDonald, Director, Centralized Services for Campus Campus Life

Ann McDonough, Dean/Academic Success Center

Sal Mora, Director of Academic Advising/Academic Success Center

Blanca Rincon, Assistant Professor/Educational Psychology and Higher Education

Mariana Sarmiento Hernandez, Resource Coordinator/Office of Diversity Initiatives

Rian Satterwhite, Director/Service Learning & Leadership

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