Keren Jean-Charles

Keren Jean-Charles is a junior psychology major who is actively involved in student organizations and projects that elevate students’ voices across campus. Keren is the lead mentor at The Intersection and a council member for the Minority-Serving Institution Student Council (MSISC). As a council member, Keren was the executive producer and host of a podcast about social justice issues called “You Gon’ Listen.” They also helped the UNLV Food Pantry receive a $20,000 grant to create a farmers market on campus and helped The Intersection receive a $1,000 grant for their food pantry. Now, Keren mentors students, works … Read More


Ray Fletcher is a member of the inaugural Minority-Serving Institution Student Council (MSISC). During his time with the council, he partnered with the 91.5 KUNV radio station to purchase equipment that was geared toward student events. His goal was to place speakers around campus to increase the number of listeners for the KUNV radio station. Because of the equipment, KUNV was able to do advertising through the station and reach students, faculty, and staff campus-wide. In addition, KUNV is now able to do live remote broadcasts for any events involving KUNV. Having the ability to reach diverse audiences and promote … Read More


The Minority-Serving Institution Student Services Committee (SSC) will be chaired by Dr. Harriet E. Barlow, Executive Director for the Intersection. Dr. Barlow’s appointment comes as a result of Dr. Renee’ Watson’s announcement to serve as the vice president for student at Central Michigan University. As the chair of the Minority- Serving Institution Student Services, Dr. Watson founded the Minority-Serving Institution Student Council, created campus wide MSI Week celebration, coordinated the MSI Speaker Series and served on the committee for the inaugural Student Success Summit.

The Purpose of the SSC is to:

  • To
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